Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Get a Job

Step 1: Get interview and text your mom two outfit options frantically at the last minute 

 Decide on outfit number one.

Step 2: Start driving an hour before you are supposed to. Hit traffic and make it with 10 minutes to spare, but luckily they're 20 minutes behind.

Step 3: Get a second interview. Text mom and sister with three outfits. Talk to both of them on the phone about it.

Decide on outfit number 2.

Step 4: Destroy your house with papers making 'take-away packets' to prove awesomeness.

Step 5: Get in the car an hour later than you wanted too. Be completely panicked, but realize you have the best husband ever.

Step 6: Wait and wait and finally get the call that your in!

Step 7: Have your husband spoil you with all the little things you want from anthro!

That's right I got a job!!! I'll be working next year in the Los Altos School District in a third grade classroom. I am beyond excited. Now we just have 8 weeks to find a place to live and move. I also will have to stay at my parents a few nights a week right after we move because all of my summer work is in Danville. On to a new adventure we go!


  1. congrats courtney!!! that is so exciting!

  2. Congratulations!! So happy for you!

  3. Oh my gosh court I love your outfits, the your surprises and I love that you got the job!!! Who wouldn't hire you?...dummies that's who! Haha congrats! Miss you

  4. Best news ever, except that you're moving!!! I love this post. You are perfect!

  5. YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY! just had to add my excitement in blog form. I love getting outfit texts. GO COURT! best teacher ever.