Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going Batty!

 I love Halloween and this year we were slow getting into the spirit. I slowly decorated the entire month. Mollie and I really didn't want to miss the holiday spirit so we decided to throw a party to really celebrate! We started with some tortilla soup, seven layer dip, chips, and veggies and dip. Then we carved pumpkins and then made some delicious caramel apples while watching Hocus Pocus!
 It was such fun to have such wonderful couples getting in the spirit together!
Here are all the Players.

NOTE: this was EV's 4th day in Costume! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Party Party Party!

We have certainly been busy these past few weeks. Aside from school and family and all of that we have also been living it up with parties all over the place. 

A few weeks ago we hosted a house warming party! I made a few desserts and we played "mine is" and chatted the night away. Such fun!

 Two days later we had both of our families over for a huge dinner party. It was so great to have everyone together and funny to see our house turned into a dinning room. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures! 

Then the next weekend we had Jaicy's Birthday at the Andersen's! It was such a fun make your own pizza party with plenty of good girl talks. I always love celebrating Jaicy's birthday because it brings up so many good memories. It's wonderful to have a friend you know you can always count on! 

I got to make the cake for the event and thought purple was fitting! 
Such great times with such amazing people. Isn't life grand!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor day

So labor day weekend was rather uneventful. In fact it was full of laboring, lots of painting, and readjusting things in our apartment. On labor day though, Peej and I decided that we had to do something fun no matter what! PJ was insistent about incorporating our tandem bike into the experience.

We settled on a mid day bike ride to Domenico's. It was about a 12 mile journey round trip so we were obviously hungry when we got there. PJ was a bit confused when we walked inside and then the shocking revelation came out!

He has only been to Domenico's 2 or 3 times in his life!!! I couldn't believe it! Needless to say we will be fixing this issue. We sat and enjoyed then headed back to the Andersen's. We spent the rest of the day there and even got to eat a wonderful BBQ dinner! All in all a great day.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Late Night Snack

PJ and I went for a run, this evening, and came home to my first bread machine loaf! It was cinnamon swirl bread, as per Peejs request. I must admit it was delicious! 

Sweaty PJ loves this bread!

Bread Maker Success! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go!

For our honeymoon Peej, being an adventurous spirit, planned our trip through Europe! It was a whirlwind vacation full of magical surprises, great food, and hilarious accidents. There is just not enough time to explain every heavenly detail so here are a FEW of the highlights! (I tried to cut down as much as I could)

  5 hour delay in NC = Free CPK! and they still fed us 2 meals on the flight!

 Notre Dame

 The Louvre


 Climbing and Picnicking at the Eiffel Tower 

Found Giant Puppets in an alley in Barcelona  

 We Spied Joseph Smith at a Street Fair! Can you ?

Sangrada Familia and many other Gaudi wonders

 Our fanciful hotel in Rome

The Colosseum!

 Trevi Fountain 

 Our Little Roman Bike Ride 

Vatican Museum  

Hiking through the Cinque Terra  

 Wandering the sights of Florence

 The David - words cannot describe! 

Scaling  to the Top of the Bell Tower 

Watching glass blowing in Murano not to mention their incredible glass sculptures around the island!

 Eating Dinner on the Waters Edge in Venice

Strolling the sights of Vienna  

 Shonbrunn Palace Gardens Exploration

The Best FrankFurt I Have Ever Had   

 The Best Hot Chocolate!!

 Sound of Music Tour!!!!

 Neuschwanstein Castle! Seriously the craziest and most fanciful place! 
 Mama Mia in London!!!

 PJ Joining the Beatles 

 Buckingham Palace Tour! Seeing the Royal wedding exhibit just added to the excitement!

The Tower Bridge!

I could go on and on about all of these wonderful things and the countless other sights, museums, and random found moments we had! I feel so blessed and couldn't have a better lifetime travel partner. We are both looking forward to our next adventure, even if we just get the ones tossed at us by life! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Hitched!

Well I guess it isn't quite "just" hitched anymore but it's been a little over a month since the big day and we are loving married life! One of our favorite pastimes (or my favorite - since I'm jobless) is looking through our wedding pictures. I love seeing every one together and having a blast- so to extend my fun a little bit here is my short recap of the day! Warning: I may go a little crazy with the pictures here but I'm just obsessed with them! Ken Kienow is the best!

After a very short night of sleep I woke up and started getting ready for the day! All my sisters and Jaicy were there and I felt like a princess getting my hair and makeup done. I was totally calm until the last half an hour. Peej said the same thing, he even forgot how to tie his tie! How adorable is that? Anyway he came and picked me up and we headed off to the Oakland Temple. It was wonderful to have that time together before our sealing. Soon after we came out of the temple Man and Wife and couldn't have been happier! The day seemed to accelerate from there. We felt so much support and love from all of our friends and family who came to meet us at the temple! We took so many pictures and then had a snack break before heading off to the school house.

All of our amazing friends and family had gone straight from the temple to the school to get it ready. By the time we arrived we were absolutely stunned by how perfect everything was! 


The whole ring ceremony and reception were perfect! We had so much fun talking, dancing, laughing, and doing all of the traditions right. It was such a party and way better than we had ever imagined and we were so well taken care of! 

The night ended with a sea of bird seed and a tandem bike ride! We are so thankful for everyone who helped make our day perfect. The list is truly endless and we are so blessed!