Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Hitched!

Well I guess it isn't quite "just" hitched anymore but it's been a little over a month since the big day and we are loving married life! One of our favorite pastimes (or my favorite - since I'm jobless) is looking through our wedding pictures. I love seeing every one together and having a blast- so to extend my fun a little bit here is my short recap of the day! Warning: I may go a little crazy with the pictures here but I'm just obsessed with them! Ken Kienow is the best!

After a very short night of sleep I woke up and started getting ready for the day! All my sisters and Jaicy were there and I felt like a princess getting my hair and makeup done. I was totally calm until the last half an hour. Peej said the same thing, he even forgot how to tie his tie! How adorable is that? Anyway he came and picked me up and we headed off to the Oakland Temple. It was wonderful to have that time together before our sealing. Soon after we came out of the temple Man and Wife and couldn't have been happier! The day seemed to accelerate from there. We felt so much support and love from all of our friends and family who came to meet us at the temple! We took so many pictures and then had a snack break before heading off to the school house.

All of our amazing friends and family had gone straight from the temple to the school to get it ready. By the time we arrived we were absolutely stunned by how perfect everything was! 


The whole ring ceremony and reception were perfect! We had so much fun talking, dancing, laughing, and doing all of the traditions right. It was such a party and way better than we had ever imagined and we were so well taken care of! 

The night ended with a sea of bird seed and a tandem bike ride! We are so thankful for everyone who helped make our day perfect. The list is truly endless and we are so blessed!


  1. so so gorgeous!!! wish i could have been there. you are wonderful.

  2. oh my gosh you two are so perfect for each other!! im so bummed i missed your perfect day but i was thinking about you and getting constant picture updates from the girls! haha i love you and congrats again! i hope i get to see you soon! its been way too long!