Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Get a Job

Step 1: Get interview and text your mom two outfit options frantically at the last minute 

 Decide on outfit number one.

Step 2: Start driving an hour before you are supposed to. Hit traffic and make it with 10 minutes to spare, but luckily they're 20 minutes behind.

Step 3: Get a second interview. Text mom and sister with three outfits. Talk to both of them on the phone about it.

Decide on outfit number 2.

Step 4: Destroy your house with papers making 'take-away packets' to prove awesomeness.

Step 5: Get in the car an hour later than you wanted too. Be completely panicked, but realize you have the best husband ever.

Step 6: Wait and wait and finally get the call that your in!

Step 7: Have your husband spoil you with all the little things you want from anthro!

That's right I got a job!!! I'll be working next year in the Los Altos School District in a third grade classroom. I am beyond excited. Now we just have 8 weeks to find a place to live and move. I also will have to stay at my parents a few nights a week right after we move because all of my summer work is in Danville. On to a new adventure we go!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jaicy's Little Bundle on the Way

On Saturday we had a beautiful baby shower for Jaicy and her little baby girl belly. It was such a wonderful shower. Great food, great friends, and tons of beautiful gifts for the new mommy. 

Guests were greeted with these lovely favors. Since it was a nesting theme we decided eggs with irish moss would be more that perfect! 

The invitation was displayed with a real birds nest outside the door.

We Wanted the room to reflect Jaicy and look beautiful and ruffly. I mean it's a little girl on the way! 

There were so many yummy treats I must have ate a weeks worth of sugar over the few hours we were there. Mollie, Aubrey, My mom and I made some of the best treats and way way way too many of them! I guess we over estimated the intake of our crowd.

We had such a wonderful group of loving people and look at that stack of pink and purple gifts!

We all socialized and watched Jaicy open some of the cutest presents I have ever seen!

One of the definite highlights of the event was that I got to get together with all of these lovely ladies! It is so rare these days to have a bunch of us in the same place and it was so wonderful for us all to get to celebrate Jaicy's beautiful blessing!

Ps. If you are interested in some of the things created for this shower stay tuned to my other blog here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things that bug..

Many of you may not know that there are two types of car stickers that drive me insane. The first are those "Baby on Board" ones. To me they say "Hey, I see you are a reckless driver and I know that this will cause you to rethink that". Does that mean I should hit people who don't have baby's or if I loose control of my car I should direct it in some other way?

The other thing type that gets on my nerves are the ones with all of the children pictured, particularly when they have the names underneath. I have complained for years that its asking someone to kidnap your child. Apparently, I'm not the only person who thinks about that because my friend Katie DeFrisco (knowing my annoyance) told me their was a Dexter episode where the killer picked his target that way! Your kids name is just not something you should be blasting to the strangers of the world.

Anyways today when I got out of my car at target I looked to the car next to me and saw one of my worst fears realized.... the two stickers were combined! check it out I can't believe my eyes!