Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Team Haircuts

I realized a bit ago that I hadn't blogged since Halloween. There have been so many things I thought to blog but then took to long and realized they were out dated. This cycle happened again so today when a post popped into my head I knew I couldn't dilly dally. And now to the substance....

Today I went to the park with the kids I nanny once a week. Aubrey and Theo came to meet us and as we were sitting there talking and watching them play when we realized something about the group of kids. They had a team haircut! Like a jersey or a mascot a team haircut can help unify and identify a team. Some team haircuts are a sign of your generational identity, like the bowl cut of the 90's or this check out this one from the 80's :
 This blossoming generations team hair cut seems to be a shaggy blonde shoulder length do as you can see from the pic I snapped today!